If you need your item for a specific date please email me. All my work is completely handmade by me. Standard shipping is 12-15 business days, 10-12 on express. DUE TO CURRENT COVID POSTAL DELAYS please allow extra time and choose EXPRESS if you need you parcel in a hurry. International orders will take 4-5 weeks. CUSTOM orders welcome. Corinne xx ALL PRICES ARE IN AUD

About Me

My Name is Corinne Barlow, and I am a fully qualified manufacturing Jeweller.

Below is the story of how I began Love Gwen jewellery but also how i survived. I survived a robbery with a side of PTSD, cancer and most of all raising my 2 kids. All of this lead me here to Love Gwen Jewellery which has literally saved me.

I started as a young apprentice under my now Mentor Lisa Hunter of The Jewel of Ivanhoe. I worked with Lisa for 13 years and she has made me the jeweller I am today. Without her expert teaching and nurturing I would probably still be twirling rings up out of copper and calling it art!

After having my two children Beau and Gwen I was inspired to create jewellery that made me and my customers capture the love that our children, siblings and partners had brought us.

My little Gwendolyn inspired most of the pieces you see on here, she is a free spirit and from the minute she was born, my desire to create and inspire kept growing stronger. Don’t get me wrong cleaning up my 4-year-olds vomit while breastfeeding my 6-month-old DID also inspire me to do something more with my day to day too BUT mostly I have always been a maker.

I have been dreaming about starting Love Gwen Jewellery for years but the universe decided to give me one giant kick up the ass to get my jewellery out there.

I was working for another jeweller in a shop when i was robbed. In broad daylight by 5 men who threatened to kill me with hammers. It was the most terrifying moment of my life and coping with PTSD and raising 2 children under 4 has been a massive challenge since. So how would I work again and heal? Love Gwen Jewellery was finally born. It has healed me from my trauma and made me see how much making others happy with my jewellery is what i have always needed to do.

Then i hit another bump in the road. Cancer. I had grown a tennis ball size tumor in my armpit. So onto my next battle. I had major surgery and survived. I still kept Love Gwen Jewellery going and I remember doing all my xmas orders in a sling after surgery. Once again Love Gwen saved me.

One day I will be able to tell my story properly in my blog but until then you can see it through my jewellery.

All my pieces are made by ME in my workshop between trying to be a super mum and domestic goddess and PTSD  and Cancer survivor. Handmade with love is 100% what I stand for and every piece on here is just that.

I welcome new designs and one-offs for my customers it's my favourite thing to do. Bringing an idea to life is where the love begins! I specialise in personalised jewellery, however, I also do wedding and engagement rings and pretty much anything you guys can dream up! Be creative and let me bring it to life for you!